Introducing Famoskin

Introducing Famoskin

Changing the way we see things

  • UNIQUE FINISH AND COLOUR RANGE A Soft Sensory touch and soft skin effect combined with a range of 13 colours
  • HIGH MATERIAL STRENGTH Boasting over 120,000 Martindale and One Million folding Test (resistance to water) cycles Famoskin is one of the most resistant technical materials in its category
  • EXTREME RESISTANCE Famoskin is resistant to UV Radiation and water, even subjected to extreme temperatures (-50 degrees centigrade to +150) the product conserves its technical resistance
  • FORMULATION Famoskin ensures easier cleaning and disinfection. The technical formula is insensitive to Oils, Body Fluids, Alcohols (Detergents).
  • NON CYTOTOXICITY No degradation of skin cells when in contact with Famoskin
  • REDUCED HEAT BUILD UP Famoskin offers high performance and thermal comfort thanks to low heat build up
  • THICKNESS AND WEIGHT Famoskin is 8mm 800 microns thick and weighs 650GM per square metre
  • TESTS CS25.853 (a) Amnt 17 60 Second Vertical, 12 second Vertical, Smoke and Toxicity Emission, ABD0031, D6-51377 Rev G

Changing the way… things we see

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Man-made soft faux leather

Famoskin is a man-made soft faux leather type product